At Matisia, relationships are at the center of everything we do – our relationship with and between consultants, and our relationships with our clients. If we don’t have great relationships, there’s no way we can continue doing what we do best – advise and assist our clients in realizing their purpose.

  • We partner with our clients to understand the challenges they face, then collaborate to create and implement innovative solutions.

  • We partner with our consultants to understand their unique strengths and ambitions, then work to find projects that engage and inspire.

  • Our consultants partner with each other to build communities that support and encourage all of their members, then allow them to envision, lead and grow.

Our consultants work on really cool projects. 


Our consultants come first. That means we operate, first and foremost, with them in mind. Learn more about what makes us unique.


Our consultants have a lot to say about Matisia and what’s it’s like to work here.